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January Home Prices Rise — FHFA

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24/7 Wall St.

New homeThe Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) reported this morning that home prices in the United States rose 0.6% month-over-month in January, following a downward revision of the December housing price index to a gain of 0.5%. For the 12-month period ending in January 2013, U.S. housing prices rose 6.5%.

The FHFA monthly index is calculated using purchase prices of houses with mortgages that have been sold to or guaranteed by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac.

Home prices are recovering fastest in the Mountain states, which saw a price hike of 14.1% compared with January 2012. Over the past 12 months, home prices are up in every region of the country, although the Mid-Atlantic region’s rise is a small 0.4%.

The good news on house prices — for sellers — is that they continue to rise in all regions of the country. The good news for buyers is that discounts to…

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Wie der Internet Lifestlye fuer Sie Wirklichkeit wird – NEU bei als Download

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Wie der Internet Lifestyle fuer Sie zur Wirklichkeit wird – mit sofort umsetzbaren Praxisbeispielen

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Von Entrepreneur, iPhone – Facebook – und Android Appreneur, Autor, Coach, Consulter Soeren Gelder – Ein Gratis Audio-Ebook und eine Gratis Leseprobe, wie Sie online Geld verdienen: seit 2008 helfe ich Leuten aus allen Schichten ein selbstbestimmteres Leben ohne Boss vom Internet weltweit per Laptop zu machen. – Mehr als 50 Werke vom Autor seit 2008 –…

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Existing Home Sales Rise Slightly, Inventories Still Low

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24/7 Wall St.

House for SaleThe National Association of Realtors (NAR) reports that the seasonally adjusted annual rate of existing home sales in February rose 0.8% to 4.98 million from an upwardly revised total of 4.94 million in January. Sales are up 10.2% year-over-year for the month of February. Last month’s sales are the highest since the tax credit period of November 2009.

Housing inventory reversed its January decline, increasing by 9.6%, a supply of 4.7 months compared with January’s 4.3 month supply. Listed inventory is down 19.2% year-over-year, when there was a 6.4 month supply available.

NAR’s chief economist said:

Job growth in the improving economy and pent-up demand are causing both home sales and rental leasing to rise. Though home prices are rising much faster than rents, historically low mortgage rates are still making home purchases affordable,“ he said. „The only headwinds are limited housing inventory, which varies greatly around the country, and…

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Okay, one more time. Slowly. US housing = strong.

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Herbal Medicines Pose Health Risk to Millions in Asia

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Die Pharmakonzerne leben von den Kranken und nicht von gesunden Menschen. Vergewaltigt von Europa Dank unseren Politikern. Mfg Günter Draxler

A Life Coach’s Fitness Tips for Entrepreneurs

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Zur Steigerung der Produktivität bietet sich das Coaching Internetmarketing an, zur Finanzierung das Finanzierungsportal und Auxmoney. Mfg Günter Draxler

Late Blooming Entrepreneurs

By Lynne Strang, Late Blooming Entrepreneurs

A common recommendation for aspiring and new entrepreneurs is to prepare a written business plan. But do they also need a “wellness plan”? According to Patti M. Hudson, the answer is yes.

Hudson is the founder of Patti Says, a Warrenton, Virginia-based coaching practice that offers workshops on health, stress management and other topics related to work/life balance. As someone who’s worn many entrepreneurial hats during her 30-year career in fitness and nutrition, she knows a thing or two about business ownership.

“I’ve always worked for myself,” she said. “While attending Boston University, my plan was to become a Ph.D. and save the world. Then I got married and had my first child when I was very young. That prompted me to create my own fitness routine and become an instructor.”

Hudson opened three New York studios and a boutique during the 80s, when the nation’s…

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Underwater Mortgages Decline in Fourth Quarter

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24/7 Wall St.

Mansion with chairs and palmsResearch firm CoreLogic Inc. (NYSE: CLGX) reported today that both the number and total value of residential properties with negative equity declined in the fourth quarter of the 2012. As a percentage of all properties with a mortgage, the negative equity rate fell from 22% (10.6 million properties) in the third quarter of 2012 to 21.5% (10.4 million properties). Nationally, the amount of negative equity decreased from $670 billion in the third quarter to $628 billion in the fourth quarter.

CoreLogic’s chief economist had this to say:

The scourge of negative equity continues to recede across the country. There is certainly more to do but with fewer borrowers underwater, the fundamentals underpinning the housing market will continue to strengthen. The trend toward more homeowners moving back into positive equity territory should continue in 2013.

Underwater mortgage percentages vary widely, with Nevada posting the highest reading at 52.4% and…

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Analyst Upgrades Housing Stocks — the Big Chase Marches On (KBH, LEN, TOL, WY, XHB, ITB)

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24/7 Wall St.

New homeBy now you are likely well aware that the housing crisis is not just over. The housing market is undersupplied and many markets are experiencing huge booms in their pricing. Many economists preach that housing has to be strong for the much broader U.S. economy to be strong. If so, then Raymond James is signaling that housing (and therefore the broader economy) is going to get a boost again in 2013.

Today’s research upgrade was before the report on February housing starts showed an increase of 0.8% for the month. Housing starts tie directly into the home builders because its is a measurement of new construction projects.

Raymond James raised its ratings to Outperform from Market Perform on K.B. Home (NYSE: KBH), Lennar Corp. (NYSE: LEN) and Toll Brothers Inc. (NYSE: TOL). The firm also raised estimates due to strong housing market pricing trends around…

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Neil Kramer : Tore des Erwachens/Coaching einmal anders

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Medien wie Fernsehen, Kino und Zeitungen beeinflussen unbewusst das Handeln und die Psyche des Menschen, solange dieses System funktioniert, werden die Menschen von den Mainstreammedien in deren bestimmte Richtungen gelenkt.  Mfg Günter Draxler

Nur wer Selbst dabei handelt, wird in seinem Leben etwas positives ändern….hier klicken 

Vollständiges Impressum


Willibald66's Blog/Website-Marketing24/Verbraucherberatung

Neil Kramer : Tore des Erwachens

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Kokosöl verbessert die Gehirnfunktion und schützt vor Krankheiten – auf fünffache Weise

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Informationen schaden nur dem, der sie nicht hat.“ Damit Sie auch mit 80 Jahren noch ihr Eigenheim geniessen können, sollten Sie nährstoffreiche Zubereitung wie Koskosnussöl verwenden. Mfg Günter Draxler

Holen Sie sich ihre Informationen zum Nulltarif mit Download…….

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MikeKern's Blog

Jonathan Benson

Seit Jahrtausenden profitieren Menschen vom Verzehr frischer Kokosnüsse und der zahlreichen Kokosnussprodukte. Ihr einzigartiges Nährstoffprofil macht Kokoswasser, Kokosfleisch und Kokosöl zu gesunden, ja heilenden Lebensmitteln.

Ganz besonders das Kokosöl findet in letzter Zeit verstärkt Beachtung, weil es unter anderem zum Fettabbau beitragen, den Körper mit Energie versorgen, vor Krankheiten schützen und sogar kräftezehrende Gehirnleiden lindern kann.

Die gesundheitlichen Vorzüge des Kokosöls sind mannigfaltiger Natur, nichts spricht dagegen, dieses ausgezeichnete »Superfood« in die tägliche Ernährung einzubauen. Vielleicht überzeugt es Sie, wenn Sie erfahren, wie genau Kokosöl dazu beiträgt, die Gehirnfunktion zu verbessern und vor Krankheiten zu schützen:

1. Mehr Energie und Gewichtsabbau in Form von Ketonen. Kokosöl enthält eine besondere Art von Fetten, die so genannten mittelkettigen Triglyceride (MCT), die vom Körper anders verarbeitet werden als andere Fette. MCT brauchen zur Verdauung und Absorption nicht mit der Gallenflüssigkeit aus der Gallenblase gemischt zu werden. Sie werden direkt von der…

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