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Pending Home Sales Regain Momentum / Mietkauf Hybridmodell

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bildDer Krug geht solange zum Brunnen bis er bricht, warum nicht einmal einen anderen Weg zum Erfolg gehen. Mietkauf Hybridmodell    Mfg Günter Draxler

Hier Mietkauf oder Sofortfinanzierung wie Sie es bevorzugen, einfach klicken…..

Vollständiges Impressum

24/7 Wall St.

House for SaleThe National Association of Realtors (NAR) this morning released its data on pending sales of existing homes in March. The pending home sales index rose 1.5% from a downwardly revised 104.1 in February to 105.7, and it is 7% higher than in March 2012, when the index reading was 98.8. The consensus estimate called for an increase of 0.7% in sales. The index reflects signed contracts, not sales closings. An index reading of 100 equals the average level of contract signings during 2001.

Total existing home sales are expected to rise 6.5% to 7% year-over-year in 2013 to a total of nearly 5 million homes sold. Home prices are forecast to rise by 7.5% this year.

The NAR’s chief economist noted:

Contract activity has been in a narrow range in recent months, not from a pause in demand but because of limited supply. Little movement is expected in near-term sales…

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